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Recommended stretches - Flight

One by one + Slideshow ›Time: 4 minutes

Stretching routine recommended for  kitesurfing,  flight,  scalene,  levator scapulae. favorites 1/6 3 times 5 seconds ref75
Stretching routine recommended for  basketball,  athletics,  trekking,  volleyball,  golf,  handball,  kitesurfing,  fencing,  arms,  chair,  office,  pilates,  back relax,  flight,  trapezius,  deltoid. favorites 2/6 2 times 5 seconds each one ref11
Stretching routine recommended for  flight. favorites 3/6 3 times 5 seconds ref74
Stretching routine recommended for  flight,  gastrocnemius,  new. favorites New! 4/6 3 times 5 seconds ref76
Stretching routine recommended for  cycling,  athletics,  trekking,  snowboarding,  squash,  weight training,  tennis,  skiing,  triathlon,  jogging,  kitesurfing,  padel tennis,  fencing,  hockey,  legs,  fast,  flight,  quadriceps. favorites 5/6 30 seconds each leg ref34
Stretching routine recommended for  boxing,  feet and ankles,  flight,  new. favorites New! 6/6 15 times each foot clockwise and counter clockwise ref77

Stretching routine (exercises guide) recommended for flight

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