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Stretching is the bridge between a sedentary and an active life (wikipedia).

Thanks to stretching we can keep muscles flexible and prepare them for movement. It is vital in warming up, physical education, training, muscle strengthening (weights), gymnastics, and for any physical activity in general.

On this website you will find different sets of stretches (or stretching routines), appropriate for before and after all kinds of physical and muscle exercises and sports.

There is a routine for each sport (football, basketball, athletics, etc.), for each area of the body (neck, back, legs etc...) and some other situations (office, side stich, flight, etc..).

You can design you own personal stretching routine and keep it or send it to a friend.

These stretches are easy, but they can do more harm than good if they are not done properly. Therefore, it is essential to know how and when to do them (if you have any questions, ask your doctor, SEE OUR DISCLAIMER).

Read our help if you have any questions on using this website.

qr-code Stretch routines (stretching) for all kinds of muscular exercises, sports and body parts

Recommended stretches - New

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Stretching routine recommended for  padel tennis,  fencing,  cervical,  cervicalgia,  back relax,  new. favorites New! 1/4 10 times 3 seconds ref79
Stretching routine recommended for  cervical,  cervicalgia,  new. favorites New! 2/4 10 times 3 seconds ref78
Stretching routine recommended for  boxing,  feet and ankles,  flight,  new. favorites New! 3/4 15 times each foot clockwise and counter clockwise ref77
Stretching routine recommended for  flight,  gastrocnemius,  new. favorites New! 4/4 3 times 5 seconds ref76